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Zeeland has plenty to offer in terms of culture, nature and activities. In the provincial capital Middelburg, in the seaside town of Domburg or in Vlissingen you can sniff culture, spend a day shopping or dine in one of the many nice restaurants. Discover nature? Take your (own or rented) bicycle with you, because in Zeeland it is bursting with bicycle routes! Or walk through beautiful nature reserves such as the Oosterschelde National Park. Something for everyone.

Around park: 9km

Neeltje Jans

The Delta Works are famous in the world… The Netherlands is more than half below sea level. For everyone's safety, the Delta Works were built to prevent a repetition of the 1953 flood disaster. At Deltapark Neeltje Jans you can relive history: from the flood to the construction of the Delta Works. Exhibitions, films and a tour of the dam give you an impression of the enormous power of the water. Even from America, guests come to visit the Storm Surge Barrier. But there's more. A water park, a tour boat, demonstrations with sea lions and birds of prey, an aquarium with tropical fish and much more. A day out? Come to the nicest water park in the Netherlands, Deltapark Neeltje Jans in Zeeland.
Around park: 14km


Fancy a trip? The skyline of Vlissingen soon comes closer by cycling along the dunes. The possibilities in Vlissingen are endless; a day at the beach or forest, strolling on the boulevard, shopping in the city center. Discover it for yourself!
Around park: 5km


Who doesn't know Domburg? The town has a long spa tradition. There are even remains of thermal baths and a bathhouse with hot and cold water baths from Roman times. History as a seaside resort starts in the mid 1800's when two ladies from Middelburg decide to take a sea bath with bathing carriages. The cure was considered as a new healing method. Bathers came for their relaxation but also to take advantage of the clean sea air and the healing power of the sea water.
Around park: 2km

De Manteling

The Manteling van Walcheren is a classic country estate zone with woods, stretches of dunes, stately avenues and winding paths. From the 17th to the 19th century, the Middelburg elite lived here in the summer; in the 20th century many houses were inhabited permanently or an institution was established. Hardly anywhere else in Europe does deciduous trees grow so close to the coast. In this area you can hear a nightingale singing and a seagull screeching at the same time. Staatsbosbeheer manages a number of stately country estates such as Westhove, Berkenbosch and Duinbeek in the Manteling. Terra Maris, the Zeeland museum for nature and landscape, is located in the 18th-century former orangery of Westhove Castle.
Around park: 3km

Zeeuwse mussel

De Zeeuwse bodemcultuur mossel is wereldberoemd vanwege zijn specifieke smaak, stevige bite en structuur. Zeeuwse bodemcultuur mosselen worden gekweekt, namelijk in gebieden met de juiste bodemgesteldheid en in relatief ondiep water, zodat de mosselen van voldoende voedsel verzekerd zijn. In deze schelp zit heerlijk mals mosselvlees waarvan u zult watertanden. De Zeeuwse bodemcultuur mosselen worden binnen 24 uur na vangst in de Oosterschelde al naar de klant gebracht, deze worden verpakt in een waterdichte MAP-verpakking of een jute zak.

Around park: 3km

Castle Westhove

Westhove Castle still clearly shows that it must have once been a mighty castle. And indeed, that impression is confirmed when you look at the many prints that depict the castle over time. But not much remains of the medieval castle, with outer bailey and main building, with moats, ramparts, bridges, gates and towers, actually only the lower parts of a few towers and some parts of masonry. The castle has been rebuilt so many times that there is not really much left of the original.